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Sky Collective is a set of training programs that offer personalized guidance and teaching in dominance/submission as a lifestyle philosophy for individuals and for D/s couples.  Sky Collective is a group of very experienced female dominants.  Each of us has been a practicing lifestyle domme for many years. We are pledged to use our immense experience to teach and to mentor.  We are people of great integrity with a strong sense of responsibility toward others.  We’ll help you to grow further, to develop further as competent mature individuals or couples (or poly) in the lifestyle. Our mentorships and submissive trainings are free.  It is considered a contribution from the Sky Collective to our communities.

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Mistress Sky

Mistress Sky has been her alternative lifestyle self for more than a dozen years. She is a tantra practitioner, bondage queen, and hypnotist. Professionally, Sky is a life positive counselor for alternative lifestyles ( and a relationship coach. After twenty years as a business consultant she is thoroughly enjoying teaching and presenting in the kink world.  Buy her book, Unequal Partnership: a dating guide for loving non-egalitarian relationships, at Amazon and everywhere that books are sold.


What we offer:

Sky Collective offers personalized dominance/submission training for all genders:
–Train as a Dom (male) / Domme (female) OR as head of household (the leading partner),
–Train as a submissive with real skills, an impressive sub mindset, and the personal integrity that any dominant would be very pleased to see,
–Ask your Dom(me) to send you to Sky Collective for customized, very targeted skill-building trainings.  Or, work with Mistress Sky to deepen your submission and better be able to please your dominant and realize a tremendous self-satisfaction,
—Aside from trainings, dominants may want to consult with Mistress Sky about specific relationship questions or general lifestyle topics,
–D/s couples are a specialty for training, consultations or counseling.  Contact us because you want a deeper understanding of how D/s philosophy can support your partnership and your life together.


We offer resources, both original writings and vetted sources.  See our lists of recommended books from the menu.  Check out Unequal Partnership:  a dating guide to loving non-egalitarian relationships (Selenite Press, 2017):



Mentorship for Dominants

Sky Collective has an e-booklet (pdf) for you that answers many questions about dominance/submission mentorship for dominants.  DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE:


Thank you!

The mentorship is based on the Unequal Partnership relationship model. The program includes an evening visit once per month for eight months for discussion and to cover a prepared leadership lesson. Monthly reading assignments and exercises. Four more visits will be by arrangement and will focus on a specialty topic of the mentee’s choice.



Submissive Training

Submissive training is also based on the Unequal Partnership relationship model.  The training includes five rounds of study each with a different domme in one of five distinct skill areas. Trainees will start by learning basic protocols and an emphasis on developing the submissive mind. They’ll learn negotiation skills and safety precautions.  The program includes lots of reading and discussion so that trainees can learn from the legitimate literature about dominance/submission.  Submissive_training brochure.



Let’s talk.

Contact us:  ask a question.  No fee.


We reserve the right to be highly selective in accepting applicants in any of our programs.



Sky Collective


Submissive Training Program

Five rounds of study each with a different domme in five distinct areas. You’ll begin with basic protocols and an emphasis on developing submissive mind. You’ll learn negotiation skills and safety precautions.


Mentorship for dominants

An evening visit once per month for eight months for discussion and to cover a prepared lesson on leadership. Monthly reading assignments. Four more visits will be by arrangement and will focus on a specialty topic of the mentee’s choice.


Educational Materials (on dropdown menu at top of page)

1. Checklists for power exchange dating

2. Checklists for negotiating for play

3. Articles

4. Essays

5. Our booklet on mentorship

6. Our training brochure

7. Lists of recommended books

8. Also, please, be sure to visit and give your support to

9. Relationship Forum workshop agenda and class notes. 


Counseling for Alternative Lifestyles


Alternative = you name it

·      crossdressing

·      transgender

·      dominance/submission

·      fetishes

·      BDSM spirituality

·      Non-egalitarian relationships

·      Swinging

·      Open relationships

·      Polyamory

·      Kink + transcendence

·      Power exchange dating

·      Negotiate play scenes

·      Negotiate relationship structure

·      Negotiate relationship contracts

·      And so much more


Please visit for coaching or counseling information.  Individual counseling as well as relationship work.

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