Relationship Forum

This is a relationship skills discussion forum offered monthly in Hartford, CT.  All are welcome:  individuals, couples, polyamorous households.  We practice safe space.  All questions for discussion are welcome.  Contact info:  use contact form.

Topic Small Group Activity Open Q&A: all questions on all relationship topics
1. What do I want? Explore desires and needs and speaking honestly Situation grab bag plus pairing up to practice “I want,” “I need,” “I prefer,” and more. How does it feel to speak forthrightly?
2. Communication Skills

and Emotional Connection


3. Communication Skills:  Speaking Honestly and Deep Revealing

2. Improvisation exercises


3. A Very Effective Problem Solving Technique




4.   Negotiations. Dating. Formal negotiations for couples. Begin by writing a family mission statement. List major issues. List major needs.
5.   Negotiations. How to form a relationship contract. We’ll work on forming a relationship contract. We’ll discuss its importance, length of term, issues.
6. Relationship roles. D/s. M/s.   Non-implementer S-types. Egalitarian and kink. Survey and discussion.   Interview each other. Non-egalitarian versus egalitarian in kink. What do you need? Needs determine identity.
7. Rituals, Routines, and Protocols Couples Practice:   turn an existing routine into a protocol that supports a need or goal. We’ll start with our existing routines and habits with our mate. Why rituals? What’s the meaning of protocols?

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Topics and Notes

  1. Introduction and Safe Space. Lesson topic: Who am I and what power do I bring to a relationship? Am I able under all circumstances to speak for my needs? How self-aware am I? Am I asking other people to fulfill my needs as a dependent? How can I fill myself up and stay full? How can I be more fully present for myself and in my relationships? Class activity: self-introspection exercises, fill-me-up exercise, and breakout pairs. Group: discussion and Q&A.  March 17, 2018.
  2. Communication Skills and Deep Emotional Connection.  Guest:  Masterful Touch.  Activity:  improvisation.  April 14, 2018.   Download Attendee Notes for April 14.
  3. Communication Skills:  problem-solving.  Activity:  a highly effective problem-solving technique.  July 28, 2018.  Download problemsolving_technique_june2018.
  4. Communication on a Deeper Level:  speaking my needs and listening for yours.
  5. Validation.  October 27, 2018.
  6. Decision making.  November 24, 2018.  Download notes, Decision Making Strategies.