Essay: A Puppy for Mistress

I am a Mistress who appreciates having a human pet.  I have had a puppy for six years as of fall, 2015.  “Puppy” for me means human pet, not animal pet where I have no interest.  “Pet” refers to the type of intimate personal dynamic between myself and my submissive.  It’s loving.  It’s sweet.  It’s based on deep emotional connection.  My puppy is loyal and bonded to me like crazy in love.  Mistress eats up his adoration and Mistress returns the affection.

Puppies have a lot of energy and a lot of love to give.  These frisky humans can be male or female.  A puppy identity is an expression of their true nature as opposed to being role play or channeling a persona. They just need the right home and the right owner to express themselves authentically and to be happy.

My pet is a male submissive who at first had no language to describe what he was looking for but in effect it was a D/s relationship with a sensualist domme.  We have reflected on the idea of his being with a very different mistress, one who believed in emotional distance with her submissives.  A puppy would not thrive in a cool to cold emotional environment.  My puppy shivers at the thought.  He says that Mistress found him in the online pet pound and took him home with her and he is grateful.  He had not realized that there were dominant females who were a match for his wonderfully playful desires alongside his strong need to submit.

My pet wanted a relationship in which he gets to be his loving self.  He quickly gained deeper and deeper levels of trust with his Mistress. Within his first month with her he realized that she wanted him to pour the authentic or deeper self into the relationship.

My puppy is so happy to play games with Mistress.  He had little experience with bondage but adapted beautifully as Mistress’ rope bottom.  I create designs on his body, positioning him as I want, and then play with him in any way that I choose to do so.  Mistress and puppy have a big collection of toys, too.

His feelings are very important in our relationship.  He is given appropriate means to express whatever he needs to say.  He’s given good boundaries in a well-defined relationship and that structure helps him to feel secure and happy.  No surprise that my puppy tends to be a naturally happy, easy-going person.  He is very sensitive to my needs and is trained to follow without hesitation and without conscious filtering.  Mistress leads.  He follows.  That concept alone lends itself to some exciting scenes for us.

My feelings are very important in our relationship.  It’s good to feel the pull of love and adoration in a healthy, growing union.  I feel a full and rich satisfaction as I watch us living out my design for the relationship.  I feel deeply bonded with my pet sub partner.  I enjoy partnering with someone who is naturally loving, kind, and has a generous heart.  Touch is very important to us.  When my puppy arrives home I am more relaxed and very willing to be drawn into play.  Play for us takes me into an expanded and I think more genuine version of myself.  I am grateful for that.

The nature of our combined personal preferences shapes the Dominance/submission power dynamic.  We are Owner and pet.  We are Mistress and submissive who is my pet.  The D/s power dynamic is a circular moving force between us:  the pet’s sincere energy springs toward me in the form of adoration, loyalty, and a deep submission.  At the same time, my deepest mind responds with the warmest affection plus dominance rising to the surface.  My dominance looks like, feels like firm security holding us and the bright joy that is my true feeling. Feeling so much positive energy from his domme his submission deepens further.  My dominance swells again just as my heart opens even more. His submission is mine.  In my experience, the D/s power dynamic gets enhanced through emotional bonding of this type.  Through our rituals and in play Mistress and puppy find avenues to a magnified submission and an expanded dominance.  We are stronger still as we interact inside the parameters of our agreements, protocols, and my direction.

And did I forget to say that he’s cute?  He’s just so cute and adorable. *****

© 2015 Selenite Press.  You may quote from my essays and you may use the entire essay elsewhere but only with full credit to the author, Sky Gates.  Thank you.

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